photography by John Carlano



I come to clay with a sensibility evolved from my previous artistic experiences. Working as a puppeteer sparked my interest in movement, gesture, and the magic of bringing life to inanimate objects. This same creative process continues to inform my search for spontaneity and freshness in the making of clay objects. While staying close to traditional vessel forms, but gently altering the contour and line, a new sculptural form appears.


My love of porcelain has also added a dimension of quietness to the work. I am inspired by the beautiful translucent quality of the clay. The process of discovering glazes that form a good fit on the surface has led me to participate in different atmospheric firings. The exploration of surface color, slips, and ash give endless interesting results. Much of the work is fired in Noborigama Wood Kilns. And now, bringing a paintbrush to the porcelain surface and carving gestural lines into the form, a new sense of play is added.



Temple University, Tyler School of Art, BA

Rowan University, Masters in Art Education


My career as an Art/Gifted teacher for the School District of Philadelphia also included curriculum development, writing Art standards, and instructing teacher in-service classes. As co-founder of The Fablemonger Puppet Theater, I have performed in major institutions, museums and schools while developing programs for specific art collections. I am currently a docent at The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, specializing in the Chinese and Near Eastern Collection. My growth as a clay artist comes directly from taking classes at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, and now being part of their Associate Program. I continue to participate in wood firings at Yellow Springs Art Center and Tony Moore’s kiln in Cold Springs, NY.